Early 18th century pair of boxwood figures and late 17th century mirrorframe
Late 19th century wooden cane with head of a dog in ivory
18th century lignum vitae vessel, England
18th century boxwood relique case
18th century figure of a beggar in boxwood and ivory
17th century lignum vitae wassail bowl with punchspoon
17th century burr walnut engine turned piece, Germany
Early 18th century engine turned boxwood 'pièce de maîtrisse', Germany
Early 18th century vessel of lignum vitae, England
Oak sculptured plaquette, South Germany, c. 1690-1700
Lignum vitae vessel, England, c. 1700
17th century lignum vitae wassail bowl
18th century mannequin of lime wood, France
17th century lignum vitae wine cooler with silver coats of arm
17th century boxwood figure of Hercules
Late 18th/ early 19th century wooden carved model figure
Late 18th/ early 19th century box with anatomical theory, c. 1800
Late 19th century cane in wood with ivory sculptered skull
19th century rosewood table bookstand
Late 17th/ early 18th century polychromed sculptered horse of wood
17th century boxwood turned hollow sphere containing a receptacle