Pair of Dutch mid 18th century silver gilt candle sticks
Queen Anne silver-gilt tazza, London, 1705, Seth Lofthouse
17th century silver-gilt wine beaker, Hans Leonhatd Wolff, Nürnberg
Silver-gilt beaker, Austria/Hungary, 1st half 18th century
Early 17th century gilded medaillion, Germany
17th century silver-gilt covered beaker
17th century silver-gilt wine goblet
17th century silver-gilt, embossed and engraved tankard
18th century silver-gilt sugar dish
Silver-gilt teapot, Leeuwarden, 1725
Third quarter 17th century partly gilt and silver rose turned round box
18th century engraved glass pilgrimbottle with copper-gilt mounts
18th century silver-gilt brandy bowl
Early 17th century miniature gitl-brass weight-driven striking wall clock
Late 17th century gilt-silver and copper equinoctional sundial